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Improve safety, quality and cost throughout the project lifecycle

Synchro PRO is the leading construction project management solution that interoperates with all major 3D modelling technology and scheduling applications to create model-based scheduling and simulations.

Unique to Synchro PRO is its “4D” project scheduling visualisation capability, which allows users to import their computer-assisted design files to create a visual, time-lapsed representation of their project at any given point in its life cycle.

SYNCHRO Pro gives teams a medium to create, analyse, edit, report and manage projects through a single visual interface, enabling teams to improve quality, safety, productivity, and efficiency of construction projects around the world.

SYNCHRO 4D is a scheduling and simulation application for vertical construction projects, delivering the ability to create constructible components from any model, including civil design models, making it uniquely positioned to enable 4D and 5D construction for civil construction projects.

SYNCHRO 4D scheduling improves the safety, reliability, predictability, and quality of complex construction projects. It saves money by avoiding rework and identifying schedule problems in advance.

SYNCHRO  Key Features

Manage projects in one dashboard

Manage multiple projects in several locations at once with a single dashboard. View current projects and check on status, issues, and important updates. You can now have one place for your entire team to access, manage, collaborate, and analyze all construction project data.

Implement geo-location services

Work with location-based data for your horizontal and linear projects, where special and complex logistics are necessary. Display your data in map or 3D model views and pinpoint exact references on a map.

Identify issues on site

Quickly upload a geo-located image to give exact coordinates and follow a templated process to submit the issue, identifying problems early and mitigating future risk.

Ensure Quality

Validate and optimise your project plan years before you start on site.

Eliminate Rework and Protect Your Budget

Identify schedule problems in advance, saving you and your team both time and money. Your data will be secure, up-to-date, and accessible from a range of devices based on roles and permissions.

Focus on Safety

Understand what you are building before you build it, including all the potential risks involved. Ensure that the entire team is engaged by inviting the supply chain to participate. Deploy the right capabilities for the job by leveraging custom features.

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