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Your workspace for AECOsim Building Designer

January 29th, 2015

We all appreciate the importance and benefit of CAD and BIM standards in that they are key to the successful and efficient delivery of any project. While they set expectations for the corporate look of the data, they also provide uniformity and familiarity for all who utilise it and contribute to its development and delivery. With the introduction of CAD and BIM standards there often comes the expectation of compliance with industry standards and consistency of content. While this may well be the outcome, the amount of effort involved in reaching it is sometimes rather excessive. Equally, in cases where users simply don’t have the time or knowledge, corporate standards can often be ignored.

At Cadventure we firmly believe that in making a corporate standard easier to follow than to bypass, it is more likely to be successfully implemented. Providing users with the necessary tools and resources to comply with the standard not only increases adherence, but also improves productivity. By simplifying some of the day-to-day processes and removing the need to reach for the CAD manual, or refer to the company level table, allows users to focus on the design without getting bogged down in corporate  red-tape. Furthermore, organising these standard resources in a well-configured corporate workspace not only makes them more accessible to users, but also makes them easier to maintain and manage.

Using site and project-level configurations, company standard resources can be deployed to MicroStation and AECOsim Building Designer through a centralised workspace. Furthermore, they can be configured to integrate with other Bentley products, such as ProjectWise and PowerDraft. Resources can include, but are not limited to:

Seed (template) files
Dgn Libraries
Custom interfaces
Plotter/printer configurations
Cell Libraries
Rendering Materials
Datasets – families, parts, compound parts, components, Datagroup Catalogs (AECOsim Building Designer)

Not all practices have the time or expertise to develop and configure their own workspace. Yet without one, they run the risk of producing inconsistent data that is not compliant with industry standards, problematic to print, and may even require reformatting.

Whether you have corporate resources in place that you feel could be managed more effectively, or you simply haven’t had the time to develop them, perhaps now is the time to do so. Whatever your circumstances, it is worth considering the benefits a well-configured workspace can offer you.