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Upgrade Your Autodesk Perpetual Licences

July 31st, 2016

If you currently own Autodesk perpetual licenses, you are aware that Autodesk stopped selling perpetual licenses and upgrades for individual applications after 31st  January 2016, and as of 1st August 2016, perpetual licenses and upgrades for suites are no longer available. A perpetual license is a valuable asset, but if it cannot be upgraded it loses all of its value.

Bentley will continue to offer perpetual licenses. You will not lose that choice with Bentley.



Protect the value of your at-risk investment by upgrading your Autodesk perpetual licenses to Bentley applications. Here’s how:

• Determine the applications you wish to exchange.
• Contact Bentley to determine your credit.
• Use your credit toward purchase of Bentley applications.



Bentley perpetual licenses are evergreen and always maintain their value under SELECT.

• Receive updates and comprehensive support.
• Use any version of any application.
• Annually exchange licenses for other applications.

With these advantages, you preserve the value of your software investment and ensure that you have exactly the right software to address your needs.



Bentley Systems options are designed to support the project delivery professionals and owner-operator organisations that design, build and operate in the world’s infrastructure. Exchange your Autodesk perpetual licenses and receive full credit towards the purchase of Bentley perpetual licenses.


To learn more about upgrading your Autodesk Licence, please call 0207 436 9004 or email us.