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Sign up for Cadventure Reality Modelling full-day event!

May 22nd, 2017

Free full day seminar and workshop

We are excited to announce that we will be running a FREE Reality Modelling event in central London on 12th July 2017!

Reality Modelling adds real-world imagery to your infrastructure projects. You can capture, process, or reuse existing site condition data with our 3D imaging and point-cloud processing software. You can add accurate real-world imagery to your projects by streamlining capture-to-model workflows, eliminating time-consuming translations, and accelerating image and point-cloud data performance.

Focussing on the Bentley suite of Reality Modelling software, this free full day event will be of interest to anyone who  wants to capture existing context data in a mix of presentations and workshops.

Who should attend?

Surveyors, architects, engineers, contractors, construction industry professionals, drone operators, owner operators… anyone who is interested in creating a 3D mesh!

On the day, you will learn:

  • How to capture point clouds and photogrammetry data for ContextCapture
  • How to process your data
  • How you can capture point clouds, survey and photogrammetry data
  • How you can edit your model
  • How to create a BIM model
  • How to amaze your customer with animations, flyovers and walk-throughs from your captured data
  • You will also discover how Bentley software solutions can help you work more effectively and efficiently!

Products featured will include ContextCapture, Pointools, SITEOPs, MicroStation, AECOsim and LumenRT. See here for more product details.