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Explaining the Bentley Systems ‘Earned Value Discount’ (EVD)

August 28th, 2018

Cadventure has put together a simple guide to explain how the new Bentley Systems Earned Value Discount (EVD) works.

What is a Bentley Earned Value Discount?
Bentley Earned Value Discount (EVD) offers you additional discounts on Bentley Licenses and Subscription based on your use of the latest versions of your Bentley applications.

When does it come into effect?
After October 1st 2018, your new discount will take effect  from the date of your next SELECT annual license or subscription renewal.

How is it calculated?
Your discount is calculated based on three different components:

  • The value of your annual subscriptions with Bentley Systems
  • The percentage of your users registered and using CONNECTION Client.
  • The percentage of your users using the latest CONNECT Edition software compared with previous software versions across your company.

Between 1st October 2018 and 31st December 2018 if your old Volume Discount on your subscriptions is higher than the new discount, then the higher of the two discounts will apply. This means that you have time to prepare to take advantage of this opportunity.

How does it work?
The percentage of volume discount you get depends on how much you spend on subscriptions with Bentley over the previous 52-week period. Bentley Systems will calculate this for you. All you have to do to earn additional discounts is to:

  • Register all your users on your Bentley portal.
  • Download and Install the CONNECTION Client and make sure users login via the CONNECTION interface
  • Use the latest CONNECT edition versions of your Bentley Applications to earn additional discounts.

These three steps will earn you up to 10% additional discount on top of your annual expenditure discount.

Thinking of Upgrading to CONNECT Edition Software? 
Upgrading to the CONNECT Edition of the software will need some thought and planning but we are here to help.

Contact Cadventure to discuss your current situation and we will help you to maximise your discounts and support your transition to CONNECT Edition versions of Bentley software.

Email us at sales@cadventure.co.uk or call 020 7436 98004.