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Bentley Update

March 18th, 2015



What are CAD Standards?

CAD standards are unique standards created specifically by a company to manage how drawings are created and documented. CAD standards define areas such corporate templates include: file naming types, file locations, units line types, text styles, dimension styles, title blocks, drawing organisation and archiving.

Why do I need CAD Standards?

While CAD standards at large established companies might be well managed, at smaller companies the management of CAD standards is commonly neglected. This becomes an issue as companies grow and new employees come on board, each with their own unique way to doing things.

What will CAD Standards deliver to my business?

The ability to create continuity across design documents that are easy to read
and understand. Clear design communication facilitates better design.

Good design delivered through adequate design definition on drawings in a
language which is widely recognised and understood

Clarity in the drawings allows you to perform effective design reviews and
reduce your liability.

Improve efficiency in the production process. Accelerate drawing production and
increase volume of output. Make training easier and make outsourcing more efficient.

Defining CAD protocols will ensure consistency, quality, accuracy and speed
when collaborating.


So what are the typical components which form CAD standards?

As a minimum, CAD standards should include the following:

1. Standard project directory structure
2. Model file organisation
–   Structuring of data/separation of information
–   Model file naming
3. Drawing file organisation
–   Drawing file set-up (e.g. use of sheet models and layouts, referencing etc.)
–   Drawing file naming
4. Level standards
–   Level Naming
–   Corporate standard levels (including bylevel colour, style and weight defaults)
5. Text and Dimensions
–   Fonts
–   Text Style and Dimension Style names
–   Standard drawing scales
6. Colours
7. Plotting
–   Corporate printer drivers/configurations
8. Corporate drawing borders
9. Data exchange
–   Incoming issues
–   Outgoing issues
–   Archive procedure

Cadventure can provide proven CAD standards to meet your business and project requirements.

Call us on 0207 436 9004 to get more information.