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Bentley Systems launches new ‘Open’ Applications

October 18th, 2018

At ‘The Year in Infrastructure’ 2018 conference, Bentley Systems announced the launch of OpenSite Designer, a built-for-purpose application for the design and construction of civil site projects.

Also launched were:

OpenBuildings Station Designer – a specialised application for designing rail and metro stations

OpenBridge Designer – which combines Bentley’s bridge modelling, analysis and design capabilities into one comprehensive package

OpenFlows FLOOD – a flood analysis and early warning system

OpenSite Designer, the built-for-purpose application for the design and construction of civil site projects

OpenBuildings, which incorporates the Speedikon factory and industrial design applications to AECOsim Building Design.

Bentley also announced the rebranding of several applications within their ‘Open’ portfolio, based on MicroStation technology. This range of applications collectively accelerate the advancement of Bentley’s comprehensive modelling environment by connecting digital workflows across disciplines and sharing digital components in its Connected Data Environment (CDE).

Bhupinder Singh, Chief Product Officer of Bentley systems said “Open has three meanings. First, it signifies open to multiple disciplines. Second, it means open to analysis and simulation. And third, because MicroStation technology underpins Open applications, users can produce multidiscipline deliverables and accomplish multidiscipline clash resolution from any Open application. Bentley’s comprehensive modelling environment is ‘Open’ for collaborative digital workflows.”

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