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3D Printers Thoughts by Paul Lewis

December 9th, 2015

HP Fusion

HP continue to talk up the Fusion printer but it is my prediction that we will not see a product until 2017. Both 3DSystems & Stratasys continue to fight out the current market but little new has been announced by either party. With the CES show in Vegas in January we wait with baited breath to see what the market has to announce.

What we do know is that the printers that have been top performers remain known and available tried and tested technology. As and when any new technology offering appears the ability to trade up will be the name of the game.


3DSystems have recently announced special offers based on competitive trade-in of printers where they are convinced that their technology is both better and cost effective.

The ProJet 1200 micro SLA quality printer is proving a real hit to both home and professional users. The ability to produce high definition models with 6 choices of material that now include a clear material. With the release of the new 3DSPrint software that replaces the Geomagic package you have greater control of the build and support structure that enables you to determine exactly where you want or use the automatic controls until you build up experience.

In addition the ProJet 360 CJP Printer is the printer for architectural users starting to add 3D printing to their model shop toolset. The single print head and low operational cost provide a reliable, fast and clean printer that has proved itself in the field.

Our ProJet 660Pro remains the colour printer of choice both on build volume and full CMYK colour heads enabling photo quality imaging that will faithfully reproduce texture on the surface. We have clients that cannot get this quality from any other product.

For anyone looking for colour using a plastic part that is ready straight from the build chamber then the ProJet4500 is the printer that you should look at closer.