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BENTLEY SEMINAR: Building Success After Hours 

November 27th, 2014

Regular After Hours attendees will have been anticipating our next event, Jerry Flynn’s regular pre-Christmas visit to ‘WOW’ us with the latest visualisation workflows. But in addition, this year Jerry would like the meeting to be more interactive than usual.

When and Where:

Thursday 4th December 2014
17:30 – 19:30 GMT
Bentley Systems – 9th Floor, 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG

Session Topic:

Jerry plans to briefly reflect back a little and talk about the history of visualization with MicroStation going back to 1987, fast forwarding to today, then ending with what’s new for visualization with the 64 bit MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

For the interactive part of the meeting we’d like users to bring their feature requests so we can have an open discussion on the future queue content and priorities for MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Bentley already have a fairly long list of things we want to do, that Jerry plans to share, which should help get the discussion going. Our head visualization developer, Paul Chater, who is based in the UK will be also be joining the discussion.

We will also have a live presentation on LumenRT 2015 for MicroStation including several user case studies of LumenRT working with MicroStation. LumenRT is a complete solution for creating professional quality images, videos, and immersive media directly from CAD/BIM data. Designs can be placed in a rich natural context by adding environmental content such as seasonal trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wind-blown skies, etc., for output to a wide range of media formats.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jerry Flynn, LEARNing Consultant, Bentley Systems
  • Paul Chater, Visualisation Developer, Bentley Systems
  • Julien Chauvier, Head of Development Team, LumenRT