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Spaceclaim - Concept Modelling

ANSYS 3D Design

3D Design Exploration

The ANSYS 3D Design products enable CAD modelling and simulation for all design engineers. Since the demands on today’s design engineer to build optimized, lighter and smarter products are greater than ever, using the appropriate design tools is more important than ever.

3D Modelling

Built on direct modelling technology, ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim makes creating, repairing or editing geometry easy again, instead of a chore. Whether you are involved in concept modelling, reverse engineering scanned data or preparing a model for manufacturing or simulation, Discovery SpaceClaim’s tools are designed to remove geometry bottlenecks and accelerate the design process.

Instant Simulation

Currently available as a technology preview, ANSYS Discovery Live is an environment providing instantaneous simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modelling, to enable interactive design exploration. Supporting common fluids, structural, and thermal simulation applications, it allows engineers to experiment with design ideas and see instant feedback from their changes.

Simulation for Design Engineers

ANSYS Discovery AIM seamlessly integrates design and simulation for all engineers, helping them to explore ideas and concepts in greater depth. Discovery AIM provides a single platform for simulation-driven product development. With guided workflows to promote best practices, you can take advantage of best-in-class ANSYS solver technology to the fullest. Easy to learn and use, it offers unmatched versatility, speed and precision to optimize designs and take them to the next level. Whether performing thermal, electromagnetic, structural, fluid or various multiphysics combinations, Discovery AIM eliminates the need for any other simulation software for designers.

The ANSYS 3D Design family accelerates product development and brings innovations to market faster and more affordably.

Flagship Products

Discovery SpaceClaim

Fast and intuitive 3-D Direct Modelling can create, edit and repair geometry for concept design, manufacturing and simulation.

Discovery Live

Instant simulation results and interactive design exploration provide insight and understanding for rapid product innovation.

Discovery AIM

High-fidelity CAE simulation focuses on ease-of-use and guided workflows to provide the power of ANSYS simulation to the design community, with designer-appropriate physics.