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Cadventure Construction Solutions


Construction teams face challenges everyday with often complex and ambitious projects, tight delivery schedules and distributed team members. All of these factors drive the need for efficient project planning and protecting profit by reducing risk while ensuring optimum safety and completing the job to the highest possible standard. Advanced construction planning and modelling offers benefits by providing a greater level of detail earlier on in the process, thus improving workflow and ensuring better utilisation of resources on-site.

The construction software solutions offered by Cadventure can help to bridge the gap between the design’s specification and the requirements for construction by aiding constructability analysis, providing construction sequencing simulation and ensuring timely and accurate material procurement and delivery to site. The result? Increased predictability, better up-front planning, improved utilisation of resources and lowered costs.

Bentley Navigator

Bentley’s 3D model review and collaboration software enables you to make better decisions, faster throughout the lifecycle of a project, while reducing project risk. Imagine being able to:

  • Gain insight into your projects and operations with clearer visibility into the information in 3D models
  • Speed project delivery with immediate access to the latest information through one experience on every device
  • Improve project coordination and accelerate collaboration through faster reliable resolution of issues from field staff

Find out more about Bentley Navigator here.

ConstructSim Planner

Simplify your WorkFace Planning using a virtual construction model. Quickly create construction and installation work packages by interacting with immersive, data-rich 3D models. You can drive construction based on schedule priorities and the sequencing needs of field installation. Plan your work based on actual availability of materials and resources. Visualising the installation process before work begins enables you to reveal constraints and mitigate project risk.

Find out more about ConstructSim Planner here.


Gain instant access to the information you need, when you need it. Control your design files and engineering content, shorten approval cycles, and increase accountability with the enhanced collaboration that is required to decrease risk for high-performance project delivery.

Find out more about ProjectWise here.

Work in the Field

With solutions, such as Navigator Mobile, and ProjectWise, project teams can have up-to-date, rich project information to seamlessly continue workflows while on-the-go. Get better insight into information within the context of 3D models to make better decisions throughout the lifecycle, in the office, field, or on-site. You can also be confident that everyone has the most up-to-date information available to make timely decisions.

With our broad portfolio of architectural design software, we can help you choose the right application to meet your needs. Using our wealth of experience in the AEC sector and detailed knowledge of each product, we can help you recognise your business requirements and help you to identify the solution that best meets them. Cadventure Consultancy and Training services will further empower you to make more informed decisions.

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