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Architecture Solutions

Cadventure provides a range of Architectural solutions to meet the needs of any sized architectural practice.

In building design, for those looking to move from 2D or 3D worlds into BIM there are two excellent choices from leading system providers, Bentley and Vectorworks.

From Bentley, AECOsim Building Designer, provides the leader in its class in terms of scalable, multi-disciplined and managed building design capability. MicroStation and PowerDraft brands are included together with high quality rendering. Bentley Navigator offers a great choice for extended collaboration, markup and 4D construction. Bentley also provides ProjectWise, for team collaboration, document and information management to manage your BIM content and deliverables.

The latest release of the Vectorworks line of CAD and BIM design solutions delivers an exciting suite of capabilities that will enhance your workflows and improve your design process. From streamlined project sharing, which allows your team to work concurrently in the same Vectorworks file, to subdivision modelling tools based on the design techniques of Pixar Animation Studios, designers will be poised to transform the world like never before.


Cadventure can help you define the tools required to support your business requirements. With extensive domain experience of the AEC sector, Cadventure consultancy and training services will further empower you to make more informed decisions.

To complement your building design solution for extended presentation, Cadventure offers an affordable and professional 3D Printing Bureau service. Cadventure can also provide 3D printers from 3DS for those who need their own in house capability.