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BIM coordination

BIM coordination

Find problems early on: Combine models from different disciplines and run highly advanced checks on the federated model against BIM requirements and regulations, going way beyond simple clash detection.

Coordinate and communicate: Provide all the involved parties, both in the office and on-site, consistent and validated data throughout the project. Map, visualise and report data and assign issues easily.

Simplify and automate processes: Ensure leading-edge quality control in your BIM processes with flexible, rule-based model checking to meet the toughest QA/QC needs and to support your entire end-to-end workflow.


Minimise errors beforehand: Work with quality-controlled BIM models and information that is always correct and up-to-date. Eliminate on-site surprises and focus on the actual construction or manufacturing.

Take off more than just quantities: Cut overspend with accurate and always up-to-date takeoffs which extract just the information you need directly from the validated model, and easily visualise and report any data you need.

Communicate with the design team: Spend less time revising and going through late fixes. Enjoy a seamless information flow between the office and site teams and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the project.

Solibri model checker


Correct prior to delivery: Ensure your brilliant design is of the top-notch quality by checking and correcting it before delivery. Free your time from late fixes and build a reputation as the designer of quality work.

Check against requirements: Be confident that your design is compliant with BIM requirements, regulations, and internal quality standards. Provide consistent, validated and quality-assured geometry and data.

Align with other disciplines: Compare model iterations, coordinate your design and clash check with other discipline models. Gain all the benefits of IFC, OpenBIM and seamless integration to CDEs.

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