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ProjectWise 365

Keeping teams working together, enabling remote collaboration – Free until 30th September 

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ProjectWise 365

Helping firms and projects of all sizes work from home – Instant-on and free until 30th September

With global working patterns shifting to remote and home offices, how do you ensure your project teams continue to work effectively in tight collaboration?

Traditional methods of sharing information and reviewing design work, can waste time trying to locate, share, and verify information.

New from Bentley Systems, ProjectWise 365 changes how your project teams work –  securely and connected, with controlled access to project data and to each other.

Start now with ProjectWise 365 – free until 30th September 2020

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ProjectWise 365 Key Features

Instant-On – SaaS-based, instant-on, 100% cloud-based solution for small to mid-size design teams, firms, and projects, enabling faster and higher-quality collaboration.

Better Project Delivery – deliver projects on time, in budget, and according to specifications by advancing team collaboration throughout the design lifecycle.

Find Information Faster – all practitioners and stakeholders involved in a project can find and share information in a secure central repository from a web browser or Microsoft Teams environment.

Accelerated Design Reviews – Capture and manage feedback on 2D and 3D designs to accelerate collaboration and flag specific issues and provide real-time feedback referenceable by all project participants.

Manage Contractual Deliverables – Automate and manage contractual exchanges and reviews to shorten approval cycles and reduce contractual risk. Track and manage the status outstanding deliverables, whilst automatically maintaining a comprehensive audit trail.

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