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We offer a wide range of 3D printers to meet your requirements

3D Printers

The ability to handle an accurate physical model, away from the computer, in the midst of design development, is a huge step forward in realising the design.

Additive Fabrication (AF) technology covers a wide range of applications including design review, concept modelling, sketch modelling and prototyping. 3D printers combine very thin layers of composite powder to form 3D models from 3D digital data. Even the most difficult parts impossible to fabricate by other methods can be easily produced.

You can now produce in-house high quality, medium-sized models and prototypes ideal for design labs, educational institutions, architects and more.

3D Systems

From your office to the factory floor, ProJet plastic 3D printers from 3D Systems generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and moulds for tooling, and real end-use parts to optimise your designs, streamline your workflows and bring innovative products to market faster.


Flexible, future-proof and ready to turn your creative concept into reality, Ultimaker ensures accurate, consistent results – tailored to your needs. Enjoy a seamlessly integrated 3D printing experience – where hardware, software and materials work in a perfect harmony.


The MakerBot METHOD is an innovative 3D printing platform, powered by Stratasys. Featuring
production-grade real ABS, a 100°C chamber, and Stratasys SR-30 soluble support, METHOD is
most suitable for creating complex end use parts, manufacturing tools, and functional prototypes
with superior reliability and dimensional accuracy.

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