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Product Focus: ProjectWise Essentials

September 24th, 2014


ProjectWise for everyone

ProjectWise Essentials is a new Managed Service offering from Bentley. This is a fully loaded ProjectWise capability for design integration available on the cloud.

If you are company who employs between 40-100 staff and you need the power of ProjectWise for information management, all for the price of a cup of coffee per day per user. Read on.

Win more work and lower costs with improved project performance.

Is your project team wasting time finding and sharing information, or unable to access the latest drawings to complete their work? Are you struggling sending design files that are too large or in file formats reviewers can’t open? Is getting stakeholder feedback during design and construction a challenge, increasing the risks of losing valuable feedback and potentially causing costly change orders?

Firms of all sizes struggle with these challenges, spending an enormous amount of unproductive, non-billable time that impacts budgets in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

ProjectWise Essentials Enables You to:

Take advantage of Instant-On

With ProjectWise Essentials Services, Bentley has delivered a cloud-based environment for immediate access to ProjectWise. Now companies of all sizes can achieve true information mobility for key stakeholders and project participants.

Accelerate Information Sharing

Collaboration results in good decisions, effective use of resources, and increased team productivity. With ProjectWise, it’s easy to share, find and access documents quickly across your geographically dispersed teams with role-based, online/offline access from virtually any device.

Increase Accountability

With increased accountability throughout the project lifecycle, organizations will increase accountability and improve responsiveness required to minimize delays and keep the project moving forward.

Reduce Risk throughout the Project Lifecycle

Tightly integrated, multi-discipline work processes speed the sharing and exchange of project documents with traceability and closed loop reviews to shorten approval cycles and resolve issues quickly.

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