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Civil Design Software for Rail Networks

Bentley provides comprehensive track, station, yard, and overhead line electrification design to support all stages of rail design, from concept through construction, maintenance, and operations. OpenRail continues to expand on our deep experience in rail design. We offer applications that help redefine best practices for planning, design, and construction deliverables to drive the exchange of information throughout the project delivery lifecycle and across all team participants.

  • OpenRail ConceptStation Create conceptual track design including rail geometry, electrification, tunnels, and bridge design to evaluate more options during the planning and pre-bid project stage. Design more efficiently, identify high-risk items, and minimise costs. READ MORE
  • OpenRail Designer OpenRail Designer introduces a new, comprehensive modelling environment for streamlined project delivery of rail network assets. This environment unifies design and construction from concept through commissioning and completion. READ MORE


What’s new in OpenRail?

OpenRail Designer CONNECT edition Highlights

  • Progressive Conceptual Design. Users can directly progress conceptual designs created with OpenRail ConceptStation, preserving all work and data. OpenRail ConceptStation enables rapid conceptual and preliminary design, leveraging existing context captured through reality meshes, point clouds, GIS, and other sources, and creating compelling presentations with engineering precision.
  • Comprehensive Rail Track Design. OpenRail Designer is a complete rail design application that enables users to create intelligent geometric and 3D models containing track information, terrain data, turnouts, crossings, dynamic regression, speed tables, cant, sleeper placement, ballast, sub-ballast, tunnels, signals, and related site features.
  • Design Rail Overhead Line System. Use local standards and geometry of the underlying track to make span calculations, locate foundation locations, and calculate height and stagger values for your wire runs. Parametric design capabilities enable modelling of cantilever sets, masts, and portals. Produce schematics and 3D models of your OLE system. (available in future release)
  • Multi-discipline Support. OpenRail Designer integrates support for each discipline with specific user profiles dedicated to each discipline. Users can switch discipline perspectives, for instance from Rail Design profile to Subsurface Utility profile.
  • Reality Modelling Tools. OpenRail Designer includes a fully-functioned toolset to incorporate and edit all reality modelling data types, including the capability to extract ground-level features from reality meshes and LiDAR, as well as to reference point clouds and imagery.
  • Geotechnical Tools. Connect directly to gINT geotechnical databases to incorporate subsurface terrain details into their models for improving grading and piling. Subsurface terrains can be generated or modelled based on the bore hole materials and projected in road, rail, and drainage profiles, sections, and plans.
  • Subsurface Utilities. Users can select from a large catalog of functional components for utility and drainage to model underground drainage and utility networks. Drainage models can be optimised for water flow using integrated water analysis tools, with results available in data tables or visually in a profile view.
  • Rich Deliverables. An expanded set of deliverables range from traditional plan sets and animations to digital construction models—for automated machine control and field positioning systems including for excavation, grading, and piling.
  • Live Plan Generation. Plan generation is no longer a separate process limited to a point in time. Settings and annotations are dynamically updated and live in the model. Views are saved with specific display rules and sheet index embedded, making it easy to navigate between model and drawings. Up-to-date drawings can be generated automatically at any time, creating a natural and fluid design environment for both modelling and detailing.

To find out more about OpenRail, call 0333 696 2525 and ask to speak to a member of the of Digital Build team or email us.