The engineering sector affects each and every one of us. It is the reason why our cars start when we hit the ignition and the light comes on when we flip the switch – engineers have made the world what it is today! Engineering is innovative, pioneering, and inspiring, who wouldn’t want a career in engineering?

The engineering sector, though sizeable and diverse, is also very competitive and demands a high level of commitment, dedication, and skill. Learning exactly what a career in engineering can do for you and why is vital to younger generations of people considering their future career paths.

This week, we celebrated International Women in Engineering Day on Wednesday 23 June and this years’ theme was “Engineering Hero’s”, celebrating the outstanding work and achievements of women in engineering around the world to support industry, economy, and society.

The work of an engineer is not simply confined to just one sector, there are many sectors within the field of engineering: industrial, mechanical, civil, chemical, manufacturing and biomedical are all different and exciting, in a career in engineering you can do anything from developing planet-saving technologies in the renewable energy sector to a new high-performance vehicle that drives itself, engineers truly can be heroes.

Engineers make trains run faster and factory production lines operate more efficiently. Their impact across all sectors is apparent and valued. Engineers contribute such important and valuable skills to the world, making ourlives better in so many different and tangible ways.

At Cadventure we are big supporters of the European Women in Construction and Engineering Awards, with our Managing Director, Elaine Lewis being a regular judge. Elaine commented: “These awards not only celebrate the achievements of outstanding women in construction and engineering, but make these sectors more enticing to women, whilst encouraging employers to hire and train more women into high level roles. Just one example is Lauren Cunningham, a DEC graduate, celebrated by the Engineering Council for her achievements as DEC Ambassador, a STEM Ambassador and Chair/Head of the internal ICE Professional Development Forum. We all need to find and nurture more talent like Lauren.”

The number of young women studying STEM courses and applying for related roles is on the rise. Engineers are role models, they are innovators, designers and the originators of the solutions that will improve our quality of life. This sends a powerful message to young women that they have a major role to play as engineers, creating the sustainable communities of tomorrow. And of course, programs like Bentley’s new education platform providing free access to students to 40 of their applications all helps.

We look forward to the day when we don’t need to have a special International Women in Engineering Day, but until then, we will continue to work to inspire and motivate the next generation of women in engineering.