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Increase your productivity – and save money – with CONNECT

Using the most up to date software ensures that you get the most out of your software investment.

Upgrading your current Bentley Systems applications to CONNECT Edition will transform your project delivery process with workflows extending across the project ecosystem, and bring a smarter approach to IT management.

Top 10 new capabilities of CONNECT Edition

  • Automated Sheets – automate sheet creation, layout, indexing, and more
  • Property-driven drawing production – use object properties to automate reporting, annotations, and symbology
  • Functional components – creative flexible parametric components with pre-defined variants
  • Constraint-based modelling – use persistent constraints to ensure design intent
  • Parametric solids and surfaces – speed modelling tasks with integrates parametric modelling workflows
  • Item types – create, manage, and share picklists for item properties
  • Powerful search – use the new search bar to find anything or get help
  • Text favourite manager – standardise text fields and update properties as elements are modified
  • 2D/3D line styles – customise 2D/3D line styles for design detail and clarity
  • Scalable meshes – integrate real-world context with reality meshes

You get all these new capabilities along with a streamlined User Interface, more powerful computing, reality modelling, and more!

And with support for V8i due to commence expiry from 1 July 2019, now really is the best time to upgrade to CONNECT.


Need our help?

Cadventure provides a comprehensive upgrade service to enable you to take advantage of the new features and save money on your SELECT subscription. This includes workspace and CAD standards upgrades plus user and CAD Management training to get the most out of your CONNECT Edition.