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EinScan Pro series

Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanners

EinScan-Pro series are multi-functional 3D scanners for your most diverse application because of its versatile scanning modes: Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Automatic Scan, Free Scan and Full Colour Scan.

These easy to use, light, handheld scanners can be used on consumer and commercial applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, artwork archival, animation and even human body acquisition, in full colour ranging in size from 30mm up to 4 meters.

EinScan-Pro scanning software allows users to do reverse engineering from 3D scanned cloud points or meshes, or create watertight meshes that is idea for 3D printing.


Diverse Mode Scanning

Handheld Rapid Scan Mode

The most prominent characteristic of the Handheld Rapid Scan mode is speed. This mode is recommended for large objects with rich features that don’t require high precision or accuracy, for example large-scale sculptures, automotive bumpers, human forms, organic shapes or furniture.

Rapid Registration

This optional scanning module is a newly-added module in the handheld rapid scanning mode.

A new feature to recognise and align reference points has been added under Handheld Rapid Scan. It is targeted to be used with large-size objects, with few geometrical characteristics, even flat objects without any geometrical characteristics can easily be scanned. Colour information of the surfaces of objects can also be obtained. It delivers a rapid and smooth operating experience while ensuring scanning accuracy.

Handheld HD Scan Mode

When choosing between the two handheld modes, we recommend selecting the High Definition mode if the object is richly detailed and difficult to move. Although the HD Scan mode requires the use of Markers, it offers convenience with highly detailed, precise results.

The handheld HD scan mode utilises white light scanning which is highly suitable for large sculptures, automotive parts, castings and so on.

Automatic Scan Mode

An optional Industrial Pack enables automatic scanning by matching the EinScan-Pro with a fully-automatic turntable. It’s recommended to use Automatic Scan Mode if the object’s size is less than 20cm. Since the turntable is very convenient and easy-to-use, it’s best to scan small objects. This mode can be used for industrial components, ornaments and small artistic pieces such as sculptures and so on. The Automatic Scan Mode accuracy is 0.05mm for a single pass.

Free Scan Mode

An optional Industrial Pack also enables free scanning by fixing the scan head to the tripod. The fix Free Scan Mode is recommended for large, complicated workpieces and richly detailed sculptures (accuracy 0.05mm).

It’s possible to scan larger objects up to 4 meters in size. What’s more, the Free Scan Mode is suitable for highly detailed objects that are light weight and easy to move around during the scan process. If the object has enough details, the EinScan-Pro will automatically align multiple scan meshes to form a perfect 3D model.

Full Colour Scan

By attaching an external texture camera, the EinScan-Pro can capture geometry with full-colour texture. This can be useful for computer graphics, animation, game development, digital archiving, prototyping and colour 3D printing.

Product Features


High Accuracy

The EinScan-Pro Series 3D scanner utilizes white light scanning technology which features low noise and superior capture characteristics accuracy. The single range scanning accuracy is <0.05mm under Automatic Scan and Free Scan.

High Speed

EinScan-Pro series 3D scanners can be used by anyone to capture 3D models quickly and easily. In the handheld HD Scan mode of EinScan-Pro+, the scan speed is 550,000 points/sec, and in the automatic and free scan modes, a single scan takes less than 2 seconds.

Easy to Use

EinScan-Pro series multi-functional 3D scanners can offer both portability and automatically because of its versatile operating modes.

EinScan-Pro series’ comfortable, ergonomic design makes it as the perfect choice for extensive, long-lasting projects. This light, handheld portable scanner weighing only 0.8kg. Every scanning step is guided in software with clear instruction. All you have to do is 'point and click' and the scan process turns your real world objects into 3D digital models on your computer.

EinScan Software Features

· Automatically mesh output

· Real-time visualization during the scanning

· Data simplification supported

· Point distance is adjustable based on user’s demand.

· A variety of alignment modes (feature align, turntable align, reference point align, manual align), the user can choose according to demand.

High Compatibility to 3D Applications

· The scanner outputs in standard file formats such as STL (the design format used for most rapid prototyping applications) or OBJ, PLY, ASC (a standardized file that contains 3D objects) which ensures that the data can be used in most 3D CAD applications.

· One-click data upload to the "Sketchfab" platform, and streamlined process to share scanned 3D data directly over the Internet.

· Open SDK and API access.


 EinScan-Pro Plus

New-generation Handheld HD Scanning Mode

With new-generation Handheld HD Scanning Mode, capturing 3D scanning details at high scanning speed can be done simultaneously. Now the EinScan-Pro+, equipped with a brand-new generation of handheld rapid HD scanning technology, protected by an international patent, offers an enhanced handheld HD scanning mode by implementing and using an intensive line-scanning strategy.

Scanning Range is Enlarged 1.6 Times

The EinScan-Pro+ recalibrates the scanning range by using a new 300 x 170 mm (11.8x 6.69 in) single-side scanning range. The area of single frame scanning is enlarged 1.6 times. The handheld scanning speed, for large-size objects, has been considerably increased. Scanning large-size objects using the EinScan-Pro+ is now more efficient.

Glossy and Shiny Look in a New Champagne Gold Scheme

Closely following the trend of fashion, the appearance of new the EinScan-Pro+ is exquisitely finished in a champagne-gold color, offering a delicate and profound metallic texture.


To find out more about 3D Scanners, or to request a quote or demonstration, call 020 7436 9004 and ask to speak to a member of the of 3D team or email us.