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Sometimes it’s enough to deploy software or hardware to do a particular job because it’s the industry standard. Nevertheless, the time will come for every architectural, engineering or design practice when just buying software, hardware or ongoing CAD software support isn’t sufficient. To get the most from your investment, expert advice is called for to help your business enable, educate and empower your teams for informed decision making and implementation.


Untitled-4Maybe you’re struggling to understand how CAD technology or deployment of 3D printing best fits with your business processes? Or their role in your future business strategy? Or how to train and empower your team to maximise your competitive advantage – without restricting your organisation’s freedom and individuality.

Perhaps it’s time to consider consultancy services to help you with issues such as these:

• BIM execution plans
• CAD standards development and review
• Programming & customisation
• Virtual CAD management
• Training needs analyses
• CAD systems upgrade assistance
• 3D printers as a strategic tool
• CAD standards support
• A CAD systems healthcheck

Because our Cadventure consultancy team comprises of practicing experts in their field, they are able to offer the right tactical and strategic advice that guides successful deployment of CAD systems and 3D printing technology.  They are uniquely equipped to relate to the challenges your organisation faces – with the objectivity that comes from being outside your organisation.

We have recently edited three articles that focused on Workspace, CAD Standards and Customisation.  Our final article discusses CAD/BIM Management – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


We understand that buying consultancy is a big step with all kinds of implications and consequences. If ever there was a discipline that rewards thorough initial discussion and professional delivery, its consultancy. To arrange your confidential initial consultation about your individual requirements, please call 0207 436 9004 or email us.