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Review of Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure Conference 2014

November 20th, 2014

Bentley CONNECT Edition announced

Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure Conference 2014 (4th to 6th November), London was attended by over 700 delegates this year from the world of infrastructure projects. The clear highlight was the Technology keynote announcing the Bentley CONNECT Edition – the next generation of software for sustaining infrastructure.

Software at Your Service

The CONNECT Edition brings together Bentley’s Platform technology to create a consistent user environment whether accessing your applications on the desktop, web browser or on the move.

For each user the CONNECT Edition provides a personalised “Bentley Playlist” of applications and apps specific to their role in the project team. This includes personalised learning paths and just-in-time recommendations for best practice use of the tools. For each project the CONNECT Edition provides a project-specific “Bentley Playbook” that is in keeping with the project’s profile, delivering appropriate applications and apps to meet the project’s requirements. This gives each participant easy access the tools they need to get their job done. In addition each project can benefit from cloud access to primary components, project-specific workspaces and managed specifications that can be used throughout the project from design through delivery and handover.

Using Microsoft Azure Cloud services, the CONNECT Edition unites all users across projects. Cloud services are already in use for Bentley’s CONNECT SELECTservices introduced at the beginning of the year to extend access to all of Bentley’s applications through quarterly term licensing. Azure Cloud services give Bentley users instant access to facilitate unlimited optioneering, for better design outcomes and in the long run, better asset performance. As some of you may know, MicroStation CONNECT Edition is already available via the early access programme. This provides an exciting adaptation of ribbon based user interface with built in workflow and learning paths.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition will be the platform technology for solution based applications, like AECOsim Building Designer, which is also CONNECT Edition expected in 2015. Other ProjectWise CONNECT Editions services along with Navigator CONNECT Edition will be available for Early Access by year end. Commercial releases of Bentley’s authoring software and AssetWise will roll out during 2015 and 2016. We will provide links to the Conference videos and selected presentations in next month’s Christmas newsletter.