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Get the best out of your investment
with a Cadventure Training Passport

Cadventure delivers specialist hands-on classroom training courses suited to all levels of experience to help you gain the most from your software investment.

By investing in training you are giving your team the skills to deliver projects more efficiently, as well as getting the best out of your software.

Our training centres conveniently located in central London and Birmingham, and we can also provide a mobile training to deliver training at your place of business (or some other convenient location) at a special company day rate.

With a Cadventure Training Passport you plan your training journey and we will help guide you and your team to your skills target destination.


Maximise your training budget – BOOK MORE AND SAVE

BOOK 5 training days and get 6 days training

BOOK 10 training days and get 12 days training

BOOK 20 training days and get 25 days training


How it works 1-2-3

1. Register your 12-month Passport to create your personalised schedule of courses.

Our Training Team can advise on relevant training options and guide your choice to fit your experience, skills and targets

2. Pay for your ‘Passport’.

You pay for blocks of sessions (5-50) and the more you book, the more you can save! Your ‘days’ can be used individually or over a number of staff.

3. You are now ready for take-off!


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