CAD Essentials Saturday School | Cadventure
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CAD Essentials Saturday School

This fast-paced course spread over two Saturdays is designed to enable the delegate to quickly familiarise themselves with the MicroStation v8i 2D environment. From initial drawing and modification to annotation and outputting finished drawings, this course will impart the principles and techniques of working with MicroStation.

Main Topics Covered:

  • MicroStation Manager
  • The MicroStation V8i Interface
  • Managing the Task bar
  • Mouse controls
  • Navigating within the 2D design file 
  • View manipulation and control
  • Drawing tools and techniques
  • Manipulating and modifying elements
  • Selection techniques
  • The Fence and Stretch tools
  • Creating and defining settings for a new drawing
  • Managing and working with levels
  • Precision input using AccuDraw
  • Controlling and using AccuSnap
  • Drawing symbols and creating Cells
  • Measurement tools
  • Colour fills, patterns and hatches
  • Reference file attachment and manipulation
  • Reference file operations
  • Setting up a drawing sheet
  • Text placement and modification
  • Dimensioning and labelling drawings
  • Understanding symbology overrides
  • Printing and outputting


Previous experience of another CAD package is recommended.

When and where is the course held?

Cadventure London: 3 & 10 June, 24 June & 1 July

What does it cost?

Just £590 per person for the 2 day course, £300 for students