Design without limits

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a new way to accomplish faster workflows.

The latest version of Vectorworks, launched in September 2021 builds on the best in class software, making it faster and more intuitive, while also providing the stability and accuracy required for maximum efficiency.

When its simple to do everything, you can create anything – with Vectorworks

Remember with Vectorworks you have a choicePerpetual licenses, monthly or annual subscriptions are available – for more details CLICK HERE.

Vectorworks Designer Suite

Incorporating Vectorworks Fundamentals, Vectorworks Designer Suite 2022 has all the design and BIM capabilities of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight.

Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect 2022 has the flexibility to support your entire project from conceptual design, to fully coordinated BIM models, to construction documents, or anywhere in between.

Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks Landmark’s BIM capabilities allow you to design with data instead of solely geometry, 2D lines or 3D models. In Landmark, your drawings, details, models and schedules are all integrated and linked. And, with the most import/export capabilities available, along with support for open BIM and IFC, you can easily work alongside architects who use other applications

Vectorworks Spotlight

Whether you work in lighting, scenic, film, event, or exhibit design, Vectorworks Spotlight 2022 is the only solution with the flexibility to support your entire process.

Vectorworks Fundamentals

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2022 is the industry go-to entry level CAD software package, offering superior 2D and 3D capabilities and an intuitive modelling and documentation platform.