Real time visualisation software

Flexible pricing options so you have the perfect fit for your design needs.

Perpetual Licence

This is the traditional means of licensing your software. This is a purchase of an asset alongside an optional annual SELECT support agreement

Purchase once — maintain yearly

With SELECT maintenance you get:

  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Immediate access to new version updates
  • Network licence sharing
  • Access to online learning

Purchase once – own forever

Spread the cost over two or three years

Virtuoso Annual Subscription

Each 12 month subscription comes  with a number of “keys” which can be exchanged for online training.

  • Fast and cost-effective named-user licensing
  • Buy online for speedy delivery
  • See below to choose and checkout
  • Immediate access to new versions
  • Inclusive “keys” for customisable training and support

Subscriptions include a number of ‘Keys’ (much like tokens) that can be redeemed for expert services and training.

Additional keys may be purchased.

Cloud Service Subscription

A subscription that is set to your anticipated usage.

  • One licensing model for all your needs
  • Monthly debits based on peak usage
  • Fast and flexible to fit your project and your budget
  • All the benefits of SELECT included


LumenRT is revolutionary real-time visualization software that enables you to bring your projects to life with cinematic quality images, videos, and real-time presentations of your infrastructure design models immersed within the context of lifelike digital nature. LumenRT easily delivers environmentally coherent models and can speed stakeholder buy-in for all your projects.

Access a library of content and animation

This easy-to-use software gives you access to rich content libraries containing plants, trees, people, vehicles, architectural objects, civil engineering elements, and more. Add lifelike windblown vegetation from a library or create your own custom plants using the Plant Factory application. Sculpt terrain formations and ground covers, render water features and photo-realistic skies in day or night scenes. Populate models with animated people, animals, and moving vehicles using custom object animation paths as well as indoor and outdoor objects. Use the EcoPainter capability to paint or erase groups of objects in large populations automatically repositioned relative to the terrain.

Speed stakeholder buy-in with attention-getting presentations

Shorten the time required to gain stakeholder buy-in and secure project approvals by producing attention-getting presentations that enable people to experience design work in a natural world environment. Create stunning photo-realistic visualizations in seconds using the dynamic immersive visualization engine platform. This platform provides natural looking light and shadows, real-time global illumination, IES point and spotlights, lens flares, and luminous materials. Interactively adjust time of day, add lens flares, and apply depth of field while benefiting from highly accurate reflections, anti-aliasing and motion blur.

Create highly impactful designs every time

Make any design highly impactful with the ability to work seamlessly within any modeling and geospatial workflow, regardless of the authoring environment. LumenRT provides API integration with MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Trimble SketchUp with workflows that ensure continued synchronization with native designs throughout work-in-progress while also supporting the import of additional content in standard 3D formats. Reliably export vehicle simulations easily add multi-lane traffic animation, add section planes, switch on and off layers, and leverage model intelligence for tasks such as labeling. Produce remarkable high-definition images, videos, and interactively navigable animated 3D LiveCubes. Share compelling presentations of your projects that can include camera animation paths and walk-through and fly-through modes.

Annual Subscriptions include:
12-month subscription license, including 3-5 Keys

  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
  • Create stunning photo-realistic visualizations in seconds
  • Populate models with animated people and animals, moving vehicles, and more
  • Share compelling presentations of your projects
  • Easily integrate with MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Trimble SketchUp