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Hints & Tips – Bentley License Management

March 26th, 2014


In 2014 Bentley Systems have introduced SELECT Open Access, a new flexible means to pay for your licensing that also gives you access to Bentley LEARN. In the light of this development it seems a good opportunity to remind you of the Cadventure housekeeping tips to minimise inadvertent use:


  • Only load software to the workstation for those users who need regular access to change geometry. Give other users access to Bentley View (unlimited).
  • Set up the default application for viewing Files to be Bentley View – freely available from the Bentley SELECT website. This means that if someone were to double click on a file in Windows Explorer it will open in Bentley View first.
  • Set up a timeout mechanism such that if the keyboard is not touched the file will be saved and the software closed down. The minimum period is 30 minutes. – see instructions below
  • Encourage users to close their software when they have finished using it rather than leaving it running in background on their PC. If ten users open it in the same hour this will count as ten licenses even if the usage does not overlap.
  • Ensure no one has the software permanently checked out to another PC that is not on the network, such as a laptop or home PC
  • Educate the users about the implications of using the incorrect software. Multiple sessions of the same software on the same PC do not count has additional copies. Frequent opening and closing of the software on the same PC also will not count as additional usage. However having for example AECOsim Building Designer and MicroStation or PowerDraft open at the same time on the same PC will count as multiple use.


To set up the 30 minute time out in a workspace environment, using ‘Note pad’ add the following line into the standards configuration file, for example:- Mapped drive:/V8iWorkspace/Standards/ V8iStandards.cfg


MS_IDLETIMEOUT = 30 # MicroStation/PowerDraft will exit after 30 minutes of inactivity and release the license.


Bentley View is free.


Click the image to follow link to Bentley View


Bentley Download Now


Bentley SELECT