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Bentley ‘Open’ Applications

At ‘The Year in Infrastructure’ 2018 conference, Bentley Systems announced the launch of OpenSite Designer a built-for-purpose application for the design and construction of civil site projects. The range of ‘Open’ Applications are:

OpenSite Designer

The collaborative nature of digital workflows connecting analysis and simulation with design and modelling is exemplified in OpenSite, Bentley’s new solution for the design and construction of civil site projects. OpenSite provides rapid site modelling and analysis, earthwork optimization and quantification, drainage and underground utilities, and automated project deliverables.

OpenSite Designer provides the most comprehensive site design workflow available including reality modelling, geotechnical, underground utilities, stormwater drainage, terrain modelling, detailed drawing production, and visualization. OpenSite Designer optimizes design outcomes with multidiscipline information modelling and analysis. Interoperating with PLAXIS, Bentley’s newly acquired geotechnical engineering solution, site plans can be enhanced with new information about the active properties of soil including bearing capacity, stresses, and displacement.

OpenBuildings Designer

The newly launched OpenBuildings Designer incorporates all of the capabilities of AECOsim Building Designer as well as Components Center and a range of new capabilities and standards including EnergyPlus, a building energy model to help users comply with ASHRAE standards in the US, and UK energy requirements; support of international standards including IFC 2×3, IFC4 Reference View, COBie, and Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority; new capabilities to design curtain wall systems; and OpenBuildings Speedikon, a leading application for industrialized design and construction. OpenBuildings Designer takes advantage of collaborative digital workflows with other applications in Bentley’s Open portfolio, for example templates in OpenBuildings Station Designer for tunnel segments created through GenerativeComponents based on linear alignment from OpenRail. Showcasing their robustness and versatility, OpenBuildings applications were credited by 32 of 62 of the Year in Infrastructure Awards finalists projects in 15 of 19 categories.

OpenBridge Designer

OpenBridge Designer is a new, all-encompassing application that integrates the modelling capabilities of OpenBridge Modeler and the analysis and design features of RM BridgeLEAP Bridge Concrete, and LEAP Bridge Steel to meet the design and construction needs of both concrete and steel bridges. OpenBridge Designer enables bridge designers to rapidly create an intelligent, parametric bridge model, fully integrated with analysis and design, as well as drawings. It enables seamless synchronization of various disciplines for analysis, design, detailing, documentation, construction engineering and load-rating.

OpenFlows FLOOD

Bentley also announced the rebranding of its Haestad water modelling and ACTION Modulers flood analysis product lines to form OpenFlows for water districts, sewer utilities and flood plain managers. OpenFlows extends smart water networks capabilities with GIS-based asset-centric information for water loss reduction, water operations, flood prediction and prevention. OpenFlows FLOOD continuously monitors watersheds, integrating data from real-time monitoring stations and numerical models to calculate risk levels. OpenFlows FLOOD mitigates flood risk, improving understanding of the processes involved in flood generation, and transmitting early alerts to reduce the impact caused by floods.