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Bentley Systems Passports & VISAs

Connecting People and Information Across Distributed Teams

Globalisation has changed the way we work - providing opportunities to collaborate on projects around the world.

With Bentley Systems' 'CONNECTIONS Passport' and 'Design Integration VISA for BIM Review' you can now access project and enterprise information sources, and review project information from anywhere on your computer or mobile devices. You will be able to better understand, review and share feedback on models and drawings in order to resolve issues and make better decisions, faster.

Whether in the office, on site, or in the field, you can gain visibility into the wealth of project information available in models and drawings. You can choose from a range of different mobile and desktop applications specifically suited for model review and inspection workflows, as well as access and leverage data-rich models and project information whenever and wherever it is required.


Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport

Your access to information sources and key capabilities

A Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport allows users to access project and enterprise information sources, so that they can review project information from any computer or mobile device.

With this single, cost-effective annual subscription, each project team member can access apps, applications, servers, and cloud services appropriate for their role.

Design Integration VISA for BIM Review

Get better insight into information within the context of 3D models to make better decisions throughout the lifecycle, in the office, field, or on-site.

The Bentley Integration VISA for BIM Review delivers all of the benefits included in the Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport PLUS additional Design Integration and BIM Review Services.

  • Gain insight into your projects and operations with clearer visibility into the information in 3D models
  • Speed project delivery with immediate access to the latest information through one experience on every device
  • Improve project coordination and accelerate collaboration through faster reliable resolution of issues from field staff
  • Ensure the coordination of trades with the ability to perform clash detection for timely issue resolution.
  • Perform construction simulation and collaborate between office, site, and field to gain insight into project planning and execution for faster resolution of issues found in the field.
  • Improve the safety and speed of inspections and maintenance with the ability to see asset information within the context of 3D models.

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