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3D Printers


The CubeX 3D Printer is in its second generation, now offering faster printability and more materials and modes with the same easy, out-of-the-box 3D printing.

The only 3D printer certified for safe at-home use, the CubeX uses a smart cartridge system that recognizes when you change materials so you don’t have to adjust your settings.

Key Features

Professional printability

Easily create your multi-color parts with CubeX Color Software. Advanced settings to create inspiring prints


Print as big as a Basketball

10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5” or 275 mm x 265 mm x 240 mm

Plug N Play Plug and play simplicity cube_feature_plugnplay

Voted MAKE magazine’s “easiest to use” and “most reliable” 3D printer. Straight out of the box – you can get started immediately with the Cube’s simple setup. Just plug it in and start.

Cube Print in ABS or PLA cube_feature_material

Print in ABS or PLA Now the Cube prints in two materials. Not only in strong recyclable ABS, but also compostable PLA.

Cube Print in Vibrant Colors Print in vibrant colours cube_feature_color

The Cube works with colour cartridges, one for each colour. There are now 16 different colors to use with your Cube – two of them even glow in the dark!
Silver or new White, Magenta, Blue or Green.

Print anything up to 140mm x 140mm x 140mm cube_feature_print

Print your own 3D models or download files found online.

Cube Wifi Goodbye cables, hello Wi-Fi cube_feature_wifi

The Cube 3D printer has Wi-Fi so loading is a breeze. Send your prints to the Cube from your computer.

Cube Software Cube software cube_feature_software

The Cube ships with easy to use software that preps your files for printing.
Available for Mac or Windows.

So what can 3D print do for you – and how will it transform how you do business? To learn more about how we help you achieve more, please call 0207 436 9004 or email us.