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3D Print


Cadventure offers a perfect combination of 3D printing process, material and application expertise to integrate the right solution into your specific workflow – from producing one-off models, to providing everything needed to set up a complete in-house 3D print facility for architecture, engineering and design applications

Additive manufacturing equipment and materials were developed in the 1980s, and today is widely used in a range of industries – from engineering, manufacturing and medical, to art and design.

Our Founder and Technology Director, Paul Lewis is passionate about ‘all things 3D’ and set up the business in 1989 to champion and promote this emerging technology and its potential uses. Paul is an authority on computer aided design and 3D print technology. He is a strong advocate for the use of 3D technologies to improve design communication and regularly advises blue-chip companies across a variety of sectors on their 3D print strategies.


3D printing is where your plans and ideas come to life. We work closely with 3D Systems and Ultimaker printers to supply best-in-class 3D printers, with our own 3D printer services to meet client needs as the medium transforms architecture, engineering and other design disciplines.

We offer:

  • Guidance on choosing and using 3D printers
  • Exclusive 3D Printer workshops so that you can try before you buy
  • 3D printer sales, installation, maintenance and training
  • 3D innovation – briefing on what is new in 3D Print Technology
  • 3D printing bureau services
  • Support – 3D printer parts, servicing, maintenance, accessories and consumables

We have built our reputation on innovation helping our clients get the most from 2D and 3D design. Whether you invest in a printer or opt for our bureau printing service, 3D printing is becoming more accessible. Think about whether you want to build physical models, perhaps generate a range of concept models for design discussion or prepare presentation models to really impress your clients. For product designers and manufacturers 3D printing is a fast, cool and cost effective way to produce multiple product prototypes.

So what can 3D print do for you – and how will it transform how you do business? To learn more about how we help you achieve more, please call 0207 436 9004, email us or complete our contact form.