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Spaceclaim - Concept Modelling



Straightforward and practical solid and surface modeling for everyone in the shop. SpaceClaim enables manufacturing engineers to work with any CAD data to prepare models for manufacturing and create tooling with ease. The SpaceClaim user interface allows anybody to work with 3D models, avoiding lengthy and expensive training in traditional CAD tools.


Traditional history-based CAD software was developed for design engineers to create detailed models and associated documentation. When it’s time to make parts, however, its complicated constraints and internal dependencies can get in the way of getting the job done. Too often, manufacturing engineers can get caught up in the theory of CAD and lose focus on getting parts out the door. If the designs aren’t right, it can be difficult to make the changes on-the-fly. SpaceClaim makes it easy to fix problems and confirm the change with the customer.


SpaceClaim Engineer is designed to let anyone edit and create 2D and 3D CAD data. SpaceClaim’s unique user interface enables anyone to work in 3D but, it is not a lifestyle tool like complex CAD systems. Engineers don’t need to use SpaceClaim daily to remain proficient. Engineers who aren’t CAD specialists — and don’t want to be — can learn SpaceClaim in hours instead of weeks.


  • Open parts from any CAD system
  • Clean dirty and corrupted geometry with simple, automated repair tools such as Stitch and Missing Faces
  • Add or remove and modify round or chamfers with the Pull tool
  • Simplify and de-feature models using the Fill tool (the SpaceClaim magic eraser tool)
  • Adjust face offsets for different manufacturing conditions
  • Create and print a hole table from a dimensionless, imported part in less than ten clicks
  • Create surrounding geometry for molds or fixtures with the Enclosure tool
  • Draft, undraft, and redraft geometry easily
  • Suggest changes directly in 3D and supply the design team with 3D markups that document the changes
  • Design tooling and fixtures around imported CAD files


  • Prepare the parts quickly without hassle
  • Train users in hours, not weeks
  • Work with any customer CAD data
  • Make real-time edits with customers and designers


  • No need to maintain installations of different, expensive CAD software
  • Focus on getting parts made, not being CAD specialists
  • Reduce lag time from ECOs
  • Increase profitability

CAM Integrations

Directly integrate or connect to your CAM solution, specifically Mastercam from CNC Software (get add-in here), Esprit from DP Technology (get add-in here), or VisualMILL from MecSoft (get add-in here).


  • Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
  • De-featuring and Adjusting for CNC Programming
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturing
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • 3D Solids from 2D Drawings and Images

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