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You no longer have to become a computer graphics expert in order to integrate life-like digital nature into you simulated infrastructure designs and create high-impact visuals for stakeholders.
Quickly create images, videos and real-time presentation of Architecture, Landscape, Urban and Infrastructure Designs.

Tell a Better Story – win business through more engaging user experiences
Work in Your Design System – Nothing to learn! Quickly bring your scenes to life using tools you already know
Photographic Environments – Enjoy high quality graphics with real-time natural lighting
Your Projects in Context – Use the vast content library to rapidly create an environment for your designs


  • Render in real-time with cinematic quality
    Create stunning photo-realistic visualisations in seconds using dynamic immersive visualisation engine platform providing natural looking light and shadows, real-time global illumination, IES point and spot lights, lens flares and luminous materials.  Interactively adjust time of day, add lens flares and apply depth of field while benefiting from highly accurate reflections, anti-aliasing and motion blur.
  • Animate models
    Populate models with animated people and animals, moving vehicles, custom object animation paths as well as indoor and outdoor objects and EcoPainter to paint groups of objects in large populations automatically repositioned relative to the terrain.
  • Incorporate digital nature
    Add lifelike animated vegetation from a huge library or create your own custom plants using Plant Factory.  Sculpt terrain formations and ground covers, render water features and photo-realistic skies in day or night scenes.
  • Integrate with CAD and GIS workflows
    Easily integrate with MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Trimble SketchUp with support for workflows to remain synchronised with native design throughout work-in-progress and to import additional content in standard 3D formats.  Reliably export vehicle simulations, add section planes, switch on and off layers and leverage model intelligence for tasks like labelling.
  • Share your creations
    Share compelling presentations of your projects by producing remarkable high definition images, videos and even interactively navigable animated 3D LiveCubes which can include camera animation paths and walk-through and fly-through modes.

To find out more about LumenRT, call 020 7436 9004 and ask to speak to a member of the of Digital Build team or email us.