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Advancing Reality Modelling

Much cheaper and more versatile than laser scanner or depth field cameras, ContextCapture automatically turns simple photos into accurate 3D models.  Suited and optimised for surveying, mapping and inspections tasks at any scale, from objects to cities, and at any levels of detail, ContextCapture is the best-in-class solution for the reconstruction of existing conditions of infrastructure and assets.

Context Capture quickly produces 3D context models of sites or cities for fast 3D navigation and animation using regular 2D photographs that don’t require specialist equipment or skill.

Easier and more versatile than 3D scanning
Compared to 3D scanning, ContextCapture requires a simple camera for acquisition instead of an expensive special devices.  This brings several benefits:

  • A camera can be used on the field by a non-expert operator, even under difficult/uncontrolled conditions: without a tripod, without respecting a rigid distance range, even under adverse weather conditions.
  • Contrary to most 3D scanner, a camera provides high resolution colour information, which ContextCapture automatically maps to the reconstructed geometry, to directly produce a realistic photo-textured 3D model.
  • Because acquisition is not tied to the availability of some special device in some particular place, ContextCapture is much more generic and ubiquitous than 3D scanning.
  • In contrast with a 3D scanner, ContextCapture allows to reconstruct subjects of various scales, ranging from cm to km, photographed from the ground or from the air.  There is no limit in the precision of the resulting 3D model, other than the resolution of the input photographs.

Besides, ContextCapture can not only produce a dense point clout that has to be processed/analysed with some dedicated software, but also a textured 3D triangular mesh, much more amenable to display, editing or 3D printing.  Moreover, being part of the Bentley Systems portfolio of products, ContextCapture can produce the new 3MX format, that can be opened in MicroStation CONNECT and used as a 3D context for analysis or design processes.

Why choose ContextCapture:

To find out more about ContextCapture, call 0207 436 9004 and ask to speak to a member of the Digital Build team or email us.

Watch an Introduction video below: