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Bentley SELECT

Superior Service for Your Applications

Bentley SELECT is a comprehensive program for the support of your Bentley applications.

Through SELECT, you stay productive, your investment in perpetual licenses is preserved and kept evergreen, and you can leverage term licenses if you prefer a pure subscription model. SELECT provides you with the flexibility you need to adapt to changing project requirements while keeping expenditures under control – all for a for a fixed annual fee per license.

Realizing Value from Your Investment in Perpetual Licenses
By covering your perpetual licenses under a SELECT subscription, you will receive:

  • Stay Always Up to Date With Anytime Software Upgrades
    The latest SELECTseries upgrades are always available for download
  • 24/7/365 technical support
    Provided by our world-class team of application experts, you can stay fully supported with expert advice on all Bentley products, when and where it’s needed, and maintain technical self-sufficiency. Access these SELECTsupport resources from SELECTservices.
  • Country-wide License Pooling
  • Annual Portfolio Balancing
    To exchange perpetual licenses once a year for other titles, SELECT assures that you can meet changing software needs efficiently by enabling you to fully leverage your existing software equity and license usage insight while also ensuring that the right people have access to software, wherever and whenever they need it thanks to Bentley’s SELECTserver technology.
  • CONNECTservices
    This new Azure-based services for project collaboration, adaptive learning, and personal mobility.

Flexibility with Term Licenses
If you would rather subscribe to your licenses or need the flexibility to handle spikes in your workload, take advantage of SELECT quarterly term licenses. You gain access to Bentley’s complete application portfolio. And you benefit from the use of up to date software, as well as the same comprehensive set of services provided for your perpetual licenses.

With a term license, you can match your license needs to your project requirements and never be out of alignment. Term licenses are fair and equitable. You only pay for what you use.


Project collaboration, adaptive learning, and personal mobility services. Find out more HERE.


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