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Making Sure Your Bentley License Server is Set up Correctly

September 24th, 2014

Bentley MicroStation Architectural Software

Get your Bentley license server communicating to you!

hints and tips provide more tools for administrators to be get informed of license activity.

Do you want to know when a license has been over used or when your license is going to expire?

Follow these Steps:

  1. You must be a subscriber to Bentley SELECT and have administrator permissions to access the license management site.
  2. Use your Bentley account login and password at the following link
  3. Select the tab ‘Site configuration’
  4. Select from drop down menu ‘site settings’
  5. Set time zone
  6. Under the heading ‘Notification Settings’ tick the box ‘enable notifications’ and then add  your email address and apply

You will receive email notifications when licences have been over used and/or going to expire.

Here, you can also find out how and where you have been using your licences in each quarter

More information about what you can manage on your Select account can be found at the following links: