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OpenRail ConceptStation with SELECT


OpenRail ConceptStation with SELECT 07


Quick-start rail projects by rapidly creating conceptual designs and improving the decision-making process. OpenRail ConceptStation offers rail, electrification, tunnel, and bridge design capabilities to help rail engineers and designers create intelligent models in context. Evaluate conceptual design options with real-world data and cost analysis to rapidly determine optimal designs.

Utilize data acquisition, reality modelling, and conceptual design to eliminate high-cost and high-risk items in the preliminary and planning design stages of your rail network projects.

Using OpenRail ConceptStation, you can:

  • Locate and download online, data-rich context from a variety of sources, such as point clouds, 3D reality meshes, terrain data, images, and geospatial information to bring real-world settings to your rail project.
  • Use 3D modelling with easy-to-use engineering sketching capabilities to quickly conceptualise rail, electrification, tunnel, and bridge designs.
  • Rapidly generate multiple design scenarios with associated project costs, and share with project teams and stakeholders to choose the best option.
  • Share realistic visualisations with the public and stakeholders to gather feedback, improve public engagements, and speed project approvals.

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