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AECOsim Building Designer

AECOsim Building Designer is a single information modelling software application that includes tools for architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems design, construction documentation, and visualization of any type and scale of building. Its key advantages are:

  • Interdisciplinary modelling environment to integrate design and documentation workflows, eliminate barriers between disciplines, and shorten learning curves.
  • Model anything with total freedom, regardless of geography or size of project team to create virtually any form of any size or complexity, leveraging the power of GenerativeComponents, limited only by your imagination.
  • Immersive interaction to create and interact with 3D models, 2D designs, as well as innovative hypermodelling to integrate and access all available project information.
  • Trusted deliverables production to generate precise drawings and documentation, information-rich 3D PDFs, and 3D plots.
  • Performance simulation to evaluate and explore designs through lifelike rendering and animation, generative design, and built-in clash detection.
  • Comprehensive breadth and depth to integrate engineering geometry and data, including point clouds, from an unmatched range of CAD and BIM software and engineering formats like IFC and DWG.
  • Integrated, and project-ready AECOsim Building Designer empowers building design and construction teams to collaborate efficiently, by eliminating miscommunications and manual error-prone workflows.

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